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we are such stuff that dreams are made on

and our little life is rounded with a sleep

I love literature. I love a good story. Since my English major burned me out, I've mostly been watching tv more than reading; my brain is not soup yet. I live far from anywhere and do not always hear about every little fad of the moment. So bear with me on that. I love to travel and explore - I will proclaim from time to time that I miss London. I lived there for four months in 2008 as part of a study abroad program. Haven't made it back yet. I listen to rock music, with the occasional pop song in the mix. Ironically, country music grates on my nerves. I love to laugh, watch fireworks, run, dance in summer rain, and green is my favorite color. Pride and Prejudice rocks my socks off, book AND movie. Don't judge me cause I like Keira Knightley's version best. :p

Oh and new facts? The Hunger Games is my new addiction. I don't think it will ever die.

Stylesheet by by refuted.